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    As the saying goes practice makes perfect. With our years of experience, continuous education and industry leading product partners; you can bet on us to get the job done exactly to your specifications.

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    Education and experience don’t count for much if you can’t deliver. Axis Solutions self performs all its work and has all the tools in house to complete your project.

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Business Done Right

At Axis Solutions we operate in a project centric world often working within our clients or contractors greater project portfolio. Meeting time deadlines is critical to our company’s success and reputation, however that is only one success criteria. As is commonly known, once a project starts, the cost of any corrective measure increases exponentially with project progress and costs both client and supplier. That is why at Axis Solutions we are firm believers in the military adage 7P’s – “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance! At Axis Solutions we invest heavily in the upfront planning for our client’s needs, environment and project constraints to develop a complete project solution, thus avoiding costly changes and oversights, while meeting two critical project criteria – On Time and Budget.

Technical Know How

Though Axis Solutions was only founded in 2010, our strength is in a team that holds in excess of 100 years’ experience across our product offerings. Unfortunately, experience alone is not enough without current knowledge. Our line of products is continuously evolving with the advancement of chemistries, technology and environmental concerns, so to ensure we remain ahead of the curve we partner with the industry leaders in our sectors for technical support, certification and ongoing product training of our experienced staff.

Self Perform

The majority of Axis Solutions opportunities are from referrals and repeat customers which is testament to the quality of our product delivery and customer service. We do not take this for granted and believe that our organizational structure helps us deliver this success. We own and operate all our machinery and tools and only use employees to self-perform all aspects of our product delivery. Unlike many, we perform our own substrate surface preparation and control the project delivery from start to finish.

360° Solutions

Axis Solutions is recognized as a leader in concrete surface preparation and resinous floor solutions, built on high standards of service, quality, safety and integrity. Axis Solutions is expanding with the same commitment to excellence into the concrete repair and restoration sector too.

Every project is unique – Axis Solutions brings detailed analysis, industry knowledge, years of experience and industry leading product partners to our clients to deliver exceptional solutions.

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